Production process

Sourcing Our purchasing managers find desired types of honey in our proprietary beekeeper network and deliver samples for initial lab testing.
Quality control After passing the first stage of quality control, honey is delivered to homogenization facility. Electronic records allow traceability of every lot down to the beekeeper level. Second stage lab tests are performed before the homogenization.
Homogenization Honey is homogenized in 20-ton batches at the average temperature of up to 40 C° and poured into new metal drums with food coating, approximately 300 kg in each drum, or packed in glass jars.
Sampling Upon customer’s request, managers of SGS, world’s leading inspection and verification company, arrive to the plant and take samples of finished product, sealing drums with own unique seals.
External quality control Samples, taken by SGS, are sent to Germany and analyzed in state-of-the-art Intertek or QSI laboratory on LC-MS/MS equipment.
Delivery Once external laboratory confirms that product meets customer requirements, our worldwide logistics partners start shipping process, ensuring smooth door-to-door delivery from the plant to customer’s preferred location.