Production process

Collection Our collection centres source berries from Western Ukraine: Rivne, Volyn, and Karpaty regions.
Laboratory testing Berries are delivered to the plant and go through laboratory testing. Approved products are passed to cleaning.
Cooling Pre-cooling to the temperature of 0 - +2 C helps remove the extra moist from the berries' surface. Berries are assembled into lots before freezing.
Freezing Freezing is done at state-of-the-art IQF tunnel with air temperature of -37-42°С. Freezing duration is 30-240 minutes. Temperature inside the product after freezing is - 18°С.
Cleaning and sorting Laser sorting is used to remove unripe, small, and broken berries as well as stems and other foreign matter. The processed berries are classified into Class 1, Class 2, and Press Class for purees. After passing through a powerful metal detector, product is transferred to a packing line.
Packing and storing Berries are packed in paper bags with food grade polyliner (25kg) and carton boxes (10kg). Packed products are stacked on pellets and put for storage in freezers at a temperature of ‐18°С.
Transportation Once we receive a shipment confirmation from a customer, our logistics partners start shipping process, ensuring smooth door-to-door delivery from plant to customer’s preferred location. IQF berries are transported at a temperature of‐18°С.